I’d shut down GotGenealogy.com following my divorce in 2012. I wasn’t in a good emotional state and doing genealogy just wasn’t on my list. THEN, I joined the Peace Corps in 2017 and spent the next six years living in Madagascar. NOW, that’s over and I’m back to teaching you how to use Ancestry.com better. I am NOT a fan of Ancestry’s, but they own the marketplace and since most researchers are gonna use their site, I might as well help them use it more efficiently.

Ancestry Bloopers are back!

I don’t think anyone ever enjoyed rubbing Ancestry’s nose in another of its countless indexing errors more than I. I’m going to publish one Ancestry blooper each month. An Ancestry Blooper is defined as an entry in one of Ancestry’s databases that is either poorly transcribed, or incorrectly entered into the database. I point out these errors so you’ll be aware of them as you may need to modify or expand your searches to account fo all those indexing errors.

Updated Golden Rules

I’ve also updated the now 13 “Golden Rules of Genealogy’” Feel free to share/download.